COCONUTS is a COVID-19 ready rental.  The cleaning staff and  Marina have all done our due diligence in managing the property and boat during this unprecedented disruption.

SInce the beginning we have prepared our property thoroughly. Our professional cleaning team uses a superior disinfectant/cleaning solution (BioZap), as well as bleach and antibacterial agents to thoroughly disinfect surfaces.  

We replace filters, clear air ducts and clean central AC regularly.  We use hot water and quality detergents for the laundry.

The main cabin is a safe place to shelter as it is entirely closed off to the elements. As a motor vessel, the cabin doors/windows all lock down tightly.

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The Location



Coconuts is nestled in the safest part of Key West Harbor Marina and club on Stock Island,
(2 miles over a short bridge to Key West Proper). The Marina itself has a Clubhouse with gym, heated pool, private beach, and all the necessary accoutrements for storing a sport boat. The gated property is meticulously maintained.

It isn't a boat, it's a lifestyle.

An incredible spot for vacations away from the city or cold weather, getting away for peace and tranquility or simply an excellent home.  Perfect for retirement, a small family or couple who work locally or independently. Ample space for entertaining guests or hosting parties.

The Lifestyle



The Keys provide a vibrant art scene with entertainment galore!  There is sport fishing everywhere, diving and snorkeling on the only 

living coral reef in the continental US.  Swimming, sunning, kayaking, boating, golfing, tennis and the most reliable form of transport around here is on two wheels!

The Boat



Coconuts floating houseboat is a lovingly custom designed Florida Bay Coaster. Spacious, 50’ from bow to stern boasting a 16+foot beam. She’s a steel mono-hull gal, who rarely rocks and rolls even in Florida’s often dramatic weather. Coconuts was designed and completed in the late 1990’s.